Meet The Techies

Michael and Dres

The first night of the Hey Techies Show.

Michael Sanders is a Christian conservative as well as co-host and founder of the Hey Techies Show.  He has lived with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children in Saks, AL since 1998. Michael, an avid techie, has worked at Jacksonville State University as an IT Support Analyst since 2008 and as the Audio Visual Technician for ten years prior. He holds an ACMT and is OS X certified. A wide genre music lover as well as  keyboardist (Korg M50, Arturia Keylab MKII), he’s currently the worship leader at Good News Assembly of God in Alexandria, AL. He has built many PC’s from scratch as well as designed and installed sound systems. Michael tells us about His first PC. “It was in late 1990” “My dad bought a 286 CPU with Widows 3.1 on a 40 MB HDD and a couple megs of ram.” “Oh an a dot matrix printer, Don’t forget that.” “I mostly tinkered with the PC just learning all I could”.

Michael at the Wax Museum

Michael at the Wax Museum… part of the Away Team.

Over the last 25 years he has honed his technique for helping individuals with their many unique technical problems.  As a listener and connoisseur of talk radio he has always wanted to help others through this great medium so birthed the Hey Techies Show. He loves talking to everyone he meets and sharing our Father God’s love for us. Some of his hobbies include, but not limited to, audio engineering, listening to music, testing out new software, watching NASCAR and American tackle Football (Greatest Sport on Earth), as well as enjoying time with the family and friends.  You can reach Michael by Email:, follow him on Twitter @HeyTechiesMike or on Facebook.


The Guru (aka Chris) visiting the famous glass cube Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City.

The Guru, also known as Chris, is the producer and co-host for the Hey Techies Show.  The Guru has been interested in technology for most of his life.  He received his first computer, a Tandy Color Computer 3, when he was in elementary school. Throughout school he was the one who the teacher would ask to fix their computer.  In fact, he spent his spare school hours, including homeroom and study hall, repairing computers all over the Oxford High School campus.  In college he studied Computer Science and graduated with a B.S. degree from Jacksonville State University in 2003 and is currently working on his Master of Science degree in Computer Systems and Software Design at JSU.  The Guru works full-time at Jacksonville State University as a Systems Analyst supporting various enterprise software systems.  He also uses his tech skills at his church, First Baptist Church of Williams, where he is in charge of the Audio/Video committee. You can reach the Guru via Email:  You can also follow The Guru on Twitter @HeyTechiesChris

Bruce, an original co-host who is pictured above to the right of Michael, is an elusive individual one might say security is his first, middle. and last name. He can be heard, sometimes seen, regularly on the show up to mid 2019. He will always be apart of the show and will be greatly missed.

How the Hey Techies show came to be:  In the mid 90’s Michael worked at a small AM radio station and after that brief experience he always wanted to find a way to have his own show. After more than a year thinking about starting his dream he decided in April of 2015 to speak to Mike Stedham at JSU’s own campus radio station WLJS 91.9 about this radio show idea. Mike, the producer of this show, loved the idea. Mike helped in the naming and focusing the format of the show. Michael quickly asked Bruce to join him in his new venture. They both asked Chris “The Guru” to join as call screener and co-producer as well as behind the scenes technical director. On Thursday May 7th 2015 at 7pm the Hey Techies show went live.