August 20, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • We took a question for a listener who wants to record her favorite TV show.  She wanted to know the differences between the different options (DVR, Tivo, etc.)  She has cable television service.  You can always purchase a Tivo for around $200 and pay Tivo directly for service for $15 per month and use it with whatever service you have.  Our local cable company offers a standard DVR for $10/month or you can get the same Tivo hardware directly from the cable company for $15/month.  We recommend going with the Tivo directly from the cable company.  You will get the best experience. The cable company will also have to support the hard if it were to ever cause an issue.
  • John Q. Public ask If he should be worried about storms damaging his PC, and whether he should unplug it from power during a storm.


Overclocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History

August 20, 1911 (104 years ago)

The New York Times send a test telegram message to see how fast a commercial message could be sent around the world.  The message read simply, “This message sent around the world”.  It left at 7pm and traveled over 28,000 miles and relayed by 16 different operators.  It arrived back at The New York Times only 16.5 minutes later!

Picks of the Week  

  • Michael – Echo1612  Instant replays to iPad over WiFi
  • Bruce – ProtonMail    End-to-end encrypted email service.
  • The Guru – Ken Bodiford @JSUBandMan on Periscope  Download the Periscope App for iOS or Android