August 27, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • Caller Daniel – ask the guys about his Galaxy Note 3 phone that took a swim in the ocean. 2 months later the front facing cameras not working. He would like to know if he should I get it fixed or just replace it with the insurance  Bruce – Salt water is now corroding components.  File insurance claim and get a replacement. Michael and The Guru agree.


OverClocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History

August 24, 1995 (20 Years Ago) – Windows 95, the first 32-bit operating system for PCs, was released.  A lot of features, including the Start Menu, were introduced in Windows 95 are still in use in Windows 10 today (in some form or fashion–may look a little different). Read More

Launch Video Featuring the song “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones

Picks of the Week