August 6, 2015

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Overclocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History

August 3, 1993 (22 years ago) – Apple introduces the Newton MessagePad.  This was one of the world’s first Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).  The term PDA was first used by Apple CEO John Scully in 1992.  The Newton did not sell very well, however it’s design did set the bar high for future PDA designs, including Apple’s own iPhone and iPad introduced many years later.

BONUS This Week In Tech History

August 5, 1914 (101 years ago) – The first traffic light was installed in Cleveland, Ohio.  Engineers installed a pair of green and red lights facing each side of a four-way intersection.  This simple experiment has forever shaped roads and transportation around the world.  It was honored with a Google Doogle  YouTube video how modern traffic signals work

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