December 17, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • Question from Nathan:  He is looking to purchase a new computer.  He will primarily use it for video editing (Adobe Premier) and gaming.  He wants a desktop computer and not a laptop.  Bruce recommended building your own PC.  Micah in the chat room recommended looking at building a PC from Velocity Micro.

Overclocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History

December 15, 1965 – 50 years ago

Gemini 6A Lifted off from Launch Complex 19 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station.  During its fourth orbit, it rendezvoused with Gemini 7 making it the first time that two manned space vehicles rendezvoused in Earth orbit. Read More

BONUS This Week in Tech History

December 15, 2009
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner took its first flight. The Dreamliner has many technological enhancements. The most notable is the Dreamliner was the first commercial airliner to use composite materials as the primary material for the airframe.