2015 Year in Review Special

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Topics from this week’s show

  • Bruce as an Astronaut
  • Remembering our first episode
  • Discussing many of our great guest
  • Bruce in review of some of what he has covered
  • Cutting the cord
  • All the Microsoft products
  • Apple products
  • Cloud tax update
  • Windows 10
  • Our littlest biggest fan update
  • More discussion on FAA and drone/RC copter registration
  • 2016 predictions
  • Will Bruce ask Taylor to be on the show
  • Internet of things will it replace your smartphone?
  • Automated tech support and the like
  • STEM jobs
  • ISP War to come and google to heat it up
  • Looking back on This Week in Tech History episodes
  • Security and hacking during the year
  • Make it or break it