174 – August 6, 2019

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Michael and The Guru discuss Two more days and the Chicken place opens | Local story on County schools and cellphones | JSU’s Marching Southerners back on campus | SpaceX launch | SpaceX will send small sats to space | SpaceX announcement for August | SpaceX to help NASA on refuel in space issue | Former AWS employee arrested for leaked data | Equifax says they just can’t pay the $125 per victim | US Senator sends a letter to Bezos | Disneys streaming service lineup and cost | Guru’s experience with Network TV Subscriptions | New Cord cutting numbers | Netflix numbers | Texas joins the suit against T-Mobile and Sprint merger | Will the 2021 iPhone have fingerprint display | A 5G MacBook, Maybe? | Will there be a Series 5 Apple Watch | Apple to absorb the cost of the Trade war | Amazon Ring and the 4th Amendment | Should cameras be installed in the IFE on airplanes | Plus much more

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