175 – August 13, 2019

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Michael and The Guru discuss It’s HOT | Update on T-Mobile Sprint merger | Tumblr being sold | CBS, Viacom merger stay tuned | Will they compete | FedEx severs ties with Amazon | Huawei’s new OS | A review of Direct TV Now | Get some money from the original Pixel | US government delays some tariffs | Court says you can sue FB over facial recognition | Bruce meets a tech star | SpaceX’s new spacesuits | Falcon 9 launch cadence | The launch schedule | Robot going back to the ISS | Flat-Earther to launch homemade rocket | First Attempt did not work | This hackers iPhone cable | The iPhone 11 Pro? | You can get a iMac Pro | SNES controller, games, for Switch | Pixel 4 | Macrumors round up | Overclocked Stack | Don’t use NULL | SMBv1 issue for Mac | Plus much more.

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