176 – August 27, 2019

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Michael and The Guru discuss…. Weather is kinda rough over here | Where is Bruce? | Is this an Apple marketing model? | Sonic has an App as well | Would you lie about the quality of Cell/WiFi signal? | FAA:Don’t put flamethrower on a done | Google makes Michael fume about their poor App security | SpaceX news | Somewhere between 100B and 10Tr that’s all | Walmart sues Tesla over fires | Amazon joins the fun of suing Tesla as well | RocketLab Wiki | RocketLab to go reusable | Netflix hits 5Billion in DVD rentals | Do you remember renting movies from local stores? | Apple Vulnerability before the patch | Apple releases a dot release to fix a flaw | Original content cost Apple 6Billion | May allow offline viewing with downloads | Kuo: Apple Watch 5 have OLED display | New iPhone to release September the 10th | Android Q/10 release | Dual screen device for Microsoft event | Is that Steve Jobs? | iPhones found to have secret software to bug customers | Apollo era computer programed to mine | Plus much more.

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