180 – October 1, 2019

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Michael and The Guru discuss Star ID Alabama Real ID | Ransomware in Alabama and down under | New Automated system at WLJS | Chief NASA Scientist says “we ain’t ready” | Musk Feud with NASA | Related:Contract delays for Commercial crew | SpaceX event | SpaceX event Video | EveryDay Astronaut | Update on Starship program | Tesla in trouble with The LAW | Tesla purchases DeepScale | Amazon Event buds, rings, and more | Ops wrong buds | 15 Weirdest things to buy on Amazon | DoorDash breach | Personal vault in OneDrive | Guru’s suggestion….. Password manager | Microsoft launch e-commerce tools | In the UK email signature is binding says Judge | Microsoft Surface Event | Related:More on Surface Event | Back 2 iPhone 4 look | Going Notch less maybe? | Memoji may not be Apples’s to use | Encrypted DNS | Plus much more.

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