Episode 36 – January 14, 2016

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • E-Mail from listener Chris: Any thoughts on a good, 7″ (ish), Android tablet? I think mine has outlived it’s software. It’s dragging and slow.  I’m thinking the Samsung Galaxy tab 4 (I’m wanting to downsize from the 10″ tablet. I think I’ll use a smaller tablet more.)
  • Call from Daniel:  Wanted to ask us about graphics cards and the latest games, specifically what card will I get the best gaming experience.  Bruce recommended checking out systemrequirementslab.com where you can test your system and see how it will run games (select game from list) ARK:Survival Evolved one of his favorite game


Overclocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History

January 9, 2007

Steve Jobs introduces Apple’s entry into the cell phone market with the iPhone. Read More

Also on the same day in 1992, Apple CEO John Sculley coined the term Personal Digital Assistant, or PDA.  Read More

Picks of the Week