July 2, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • Kelly has purchased a new iPhone 6 and wants to move her data from her iPhone 5S to the her new phone.  This is a very easy process when moving between iPhones.  You can enable the iCloud service.  Setup iCloud to sync your pictures, contacts, calendars, etc on the old phone.  Let iCloud sync the info up.  Then setup iCloud on your new device and all the data should automatically download.  Bruce recommended using Google Photos to backup your photos to the cloud from the old device.  The Guru pointed out an Apple Support Article that details how to migrate from an Android device to iPhone. Listen to the clip
  • Anthony had a question about Windows 10. Michael and The Guru discuss their opinions and experiences using 10 and 8.1.  Listen to the clip
  • Franck (with a CK) had a question for Bruce about Juniper Networks.  Bruce deciphers his question on air and gives the answer a shot.  Listen to the clip


Overclocked Stack  Listen to the clip

This Week in Tech History: 8 years ago this week, the much anticipated iPhone went on sale.  Love it or hate it, the iPhone changed the smartphone market forever.

Picks of the Week  Listen to the clip