July 30, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

  • Windows 10 was released this week.  You can do a clean install of the OS, Michael and The Guru feel its not a true clean install.  Nevertheless, there is an option to run the upgrade that will delete your files, settings, and apps. This will leave you with a clean install of Windows.  However, other files on the hard drive may still remain.  Read more about this “clean install” from the Supersite for Windows.  Another option to get a true clean install would be to do a factory restore of your Windows 7/8 PC then run the upgrade from there.  We do not recommend this for most users.  For the most part, performing an upgrade will be fine.  If you didn’t make a reservation or haven’t received an upgrade notification, you can download the ISO files from Microsoft here.  Read this article to find out who can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.
  • Drug Testing Coming to E-Sports
  • Back to School/College Tech
    • Check with your school for specific devices recommended/required
    • Devices to consider: iPad, Android Tablet (Nexus 7, Samsung Tablets) for mobile devices. PC laptop look at the Microsoft Surface line or the HP Spectre.  On the Apple side look at the new Macbooks or the Macbook Air.
    • Storage Media (if needed) – look at name brand USB flash drives.  The off brands have a tendency to not last as long.  Data stored on a flash drive needs to be backed up
    • Consider Cloud Services to store docs (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox)
    • Productivity Software – Microsoft Office.  There are alternatives that free/less expensive–be aware of compatibility issues when professors are expecting a particular format.
  • Gadsden City High School’s new One-to-One Initiative
  • Report: Tech purchases driving up back to school shopping budgets


Overclocked Stack 

This Week in Tech History:

July 27, 1981 – Microsoft purchases QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) from Seattle Computer Products for $50,000.  This is introduced two weeks later in the first IBM PC as PC-DOS and later as MS-DOS.

Picks of the Week  

  • Michael – Moto X Specs
  • Bruce  – Ooma Telo
  • The Guru – Warp Speed Calculator – Last week we talked about the newly discovered Earth-like planet, Kepler 452b.  That planet is 1400 light years away.  Using the Warp Speed Calculator, The Guru said that using the Next Generation (Star Trek) warp scale at warp 5–the trip to Kepler 452b would take about 6 1/2 years!