October 22, 2015

Episode 25 – October 22, 2015

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Topics from this week’s show

Listener Questions

  • Question from Jason – He just switched from a contract Verizon phone to a pre-paid Verizon phone (Nexus E).  He wanted to know the differences between the prepaid phones (cheaper) to the flagship phones.  We feel that for basic uses, the prepaid phone will be plenty for anyone.  If you are going to be doing a lot of gaming or specialized apps that require a lot of power, or wanting 4K video you may want a high-end flagship phone.  Jason paid $60 for his Nexus E and that is a great deal.
  • Jason also asked about where to find cases for these basic phones.  These are hard to find in the stores.  Going to the internet (like Amazon) would be the best bet.
  • Jason asked about antivirus for Android smartphones.  There are a lot of choices.  Bruce recommends TrendMicro or Bitdefender.


Overclocked Stack 

Hack of the Week

Wikileaks publishes personal email from CIA director

This Week in Tech History

October 21, 2015 – This Year

Back to the Future Day, the day in which Marty McFly and “Doc” Emmett Brown traveled to from the year 1985 in the DeLorean time machine.  Check out this article of things they got right (and wrong) about 2015.

Toyota also got into the Back to the Future day spirit as well – http://www.toyota.com/outatime/

The “Real” This Week in Tech History

October 19, 1985 – 30 Years Ago

The first Blockbuster opened its doors in Dallas, TX.  Read more

Picks of the Week