Episode 34 – December 20, 2015

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/december-20-2015/

On This Weeks episode Michael, Bruce, and The Guru have a special end of the year review of stories and subjects covered on the previous 33 episodes. Bruce as an Astronaut. Remembering our first episode. Discussing many of our great guest. Bruce in review of some of what he has covered. Cutting the cord.  All the Microsoft products. Apple products. Cloud tax update. Windows 10. Our littlest biggest fan update. More discussion on FAA and drone/RC copter registration. 2016 predictions.  Will Bruce ask Taylor to be on the show?  Internet of things will it replace your smartphone? Automated tech support and the like. STEM jobs. ISP War to come and google to heat it up. Looking back on This Week in Tech History episodes. Security and hacking during the year. Make it or break it.  Happy New Year to all.