Episode 43 – March 10, 2016

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts43/

Michael, Bruce, and The Guru open with Listener Jason’s question on why the Concorde died. How the did Michael David Barrett get Erin Andrews hotel room # in advance. United ups the seating on the 777. Apple users targeted with ransomware. Super not so secret meeting of the Georgia island. Space X and Musk.  Does IP equal a person? Bruce not going to do a handle on Yik Yak. Teens react to Windows 95. Epic CEO has issue with a Microsoft platform.  RT.com and John McAfee.  Windows security update  and what’s included in it.  Rumors,  Hack of the week, This week in tech history,  Overclocked stack and one Pick. All that and more.