Hey Techies Show Podcast May 28, 2015

On this weeks episode we open up with Google I/O Highlights.  Google Wallet lock card feature. Bruce tells his Missing Wallet Story and covers Android wear, which Michael renamed Andrewwear.  Bruce’s review of Moto 360 and Lenovo partnerships with REACHit and Cortana. Michael brings up an opinion piece on malware and sparks a discussion on GNU Free software movement for/against. Wifi enabled Barbie creepy or not? Google Patent – Teddy bear w/ cameras, mic, and speakers. This week in tech history.  New Google Photos, Google cardboard VR. An email from Andrew on Windows 10 updates. Our Overclocked stack.  Apple bought Augmented Reality Company in Germany and what that might mean. New feature on 2016 F-150 trailer assist and our Picks of the Week.