That’s Internet With a Captial ‘I’ – Hey Techies 052 – June 2, 2016

Show Notes-

Michael and Bruce are back in the studio and are joined by the Guru who is on location via Hangouts. We discuss the first pilot suspended by FAA for flying a UAW during an orange alert. Work through our technical issues. The internet now lowercase i. NASA gave away some 56 patents. Bruce’s Data cap issue. Twitter 140 character limit gets exemptions. Tesla host sneak peak of Giga Factory. WiFi at the hotel Guru is at and our views on pulling cable. Musk has a billion to one view. UCLA shooter. Anti Drone Ray. Underwater basket weaving at Rutgers. Walmart looking to drones for inventory. Some users have issue with Apple services. The EU’s desire to control. Rumors, This week in tech history, Hack of the week, Overclocked stack and a couple of picks plus much more.