123 – April 19, 2018

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Michael and The Guru discuss where is Bruce | Tim Cook’s opinion on iPad/Mac | ArmsList can be sued for gun sale used in mass shootings | David Copperfield may have to testify | What we are watching | Space X launches NASA new TESS | SpaceX to build its massive BFR in Los Angeles – TechCrunch | Guru ran out of Data and flipped to Big Red safety mode and it is SLOOOOOW | What smart phone would suggest for a purchase | Windows phone | iPhone made more profit than all other android handsets | Poop Train Who knew? | Apple has a robot that can really work | WSFA: Memo warning Apple employees about leaking gets leaked to the media | Walmart’s getting a much-needed site overhaul in May | Online sales tax | Are Robots people too? | Group from Northwestern Looking to Make Inflight Wi-Fi Better | Michael’s VM story | Walmart’s share of the E-Market | A Robot to put IKEA furniture together | Ad blocking | Chrome Ad blocking malware | Amazon exceeds 100 million prime members | Plus much more