125 – May 10, 2018

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts125/

Michael and Bruce discuss what we are up too and where The Guru is at | Walmart pickup -Guru’s view via Michael | Mother’s Day cards | Bruce is not wearing his watch and why not? | The new Gmail and how to get to it | Michael’s complaint of a recent online purchase | Google IO | Speaking of Waymo | Wear OS news | The Verge: Google Duplex is Silicon Valley’s latest experiment at the expense of the service industry | Apple Watch and it’s health features | Google and it’s minimal changes | Bruce thinks the Apple renewal program maybe a good idea | Michael explains Google routines | Google’s features came from the original MotoX | Where do you charge your phone at night? | Does Michael live under a rock? | Google Duplex -Our take | Google’s Opinion Rewards | Update on our view of the Honda plugin hybrid | Honda Clarity all electric 89 miles | A revisit of Equifax on more data leaked than they thought | IBM: No more mobile, removable storage, only IBM Cloud | Gboard and how it helps those that need it most | New google features Michael likes | ZTE | A Tidal Wave of issues for streaming service Tidal | Plus much more