135 – August 9, 2018

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts135/

Michael and The Guru discuss The PGA may have putted some Tech bogeys | Fortnite gaming scholarship | Security Admins upset | PatchManagement.org survey | Elon Tweeting a bit to soon, maybe? | Who would fund | The Tweet may have affected the price | One way he could take Tesla private | NASA announces the crew | Coming 2019 for emojis | CVS offers video connection to the Dr. | Sinclair’s takeover is dead. Put down the pitch forks | MoviePass changes yet again | Significant Milestone ‘not the most important’ | Apple the bargaining chip | China company wants a share of the Trillion | AT$T deal on Samsung Note 9 | Android P maybe coming Monday | 19TB IBM SSD | Alex Jones being banned on social networks | The most polarizing brands in America | Declining page hits for FB | Pixel 3 coming in Oct. | Apple to ship with one less dongle | Will next iPhone have a finger print sensor? | Wells Fargo computing error | Zero Day being sold | plus much more.