138 – August 30, 2018

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts138/

Michael and The Guru discuss Local High School Bands | JSU Southerners | A leak fixed on the ISS | How they fixed the leak | NASA has trainee to quit | Airport Wi-Fi Security | Hacky, hack, hack | A gym on a 20 hour flight? Maybe? | Gaming parlors | 8K and 4K OLED and QLED TVs | Delta seat back screens | Firefox to block ad trackers in upcoming updates | What do you use to purchase online… Web or App? | Apple meeting Sept. 12 | Whats the name | Suggested highest shipping | Kuo gives prices | Will they remove 3D touch? | What about the new Mac mini? | Pixel 3 no notch? | Why do we switch from one OS to another | Airbnb to collect lodging tax of 6.5% In Bham city limits | Michael’s friend says Waze app is taking them on longer routes | Plus much more.