139 – September 6, 2018

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts139/

Michael, Bruce, and The Guru discuss Another good meal | Should air at gas stations be free… Bruce says yes | Wireless cell networks having issues today | Smokey dies Mr. Burt Reynolds | Russian ISS leak not as simple as first thought | Some iPhone 8 have logic board issue | Facebook looses users says Pew Poll | Big Red test 5G in DC | Could BlockChain help in voting | Social network heads get grilled in DC | Alex Jones band for life Tesla Truck orders | Bruce loves the show Narcos on Netflix | Some complaining about videos slowing down | Michael’s fix for his AT$T home router | Google: should we get rid of URLS as we know them | New Dictionary words | Pie a blimp on the radar but not iOS | iPhone 5s still on the latest iOS | Apple setup a way for law enforcement to request data | iPhone Xs MAX | iWatch specs | 2019 no finger print in screen | Apple to go with USB-C on handsets | Movie pass at 2 cents a share |Evernote on the downswing | Walmart testing home delivery | Amazon hits the 1 Trillion mark | Microsoft are concerned about campaign contributions | Man dies from radiation linked to Fukushima leak | 20 years since Win 98 released | Plus much more.