152 – December 10, 2018

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts152/

Michael, Bruce and The Guru discuss Microsoft to change Edge browser engine | .Net to go open source | Edge may come to macOS | The Guru’s Surface Go review | Voyager 2 enters Interstellar space | Space X launch | Sounds from Mars | Could some from NASA have some hard feelings at SpaceX success? | Should NASA be absorbed into a new organization and what would it be? | More apps on Google Play to have back doors | What do Google app developers pay to use the Play store | The world is surfing | We compare app stores | Most expensive apps on Android and iOS | Gaming on Linux | Last chance for the 29 buck battery replacement | New battery cases from Apple | Apple acquires British Startup Platoon | Levi Smart jacket | Can we use a watch to find smartphone | Bruce is Smart Watch-less | Plus much more