157 – January 28, 2019

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Michael, Bruce and The Guru discus Microsoft Office is now available in the Mac App Store | Hulu drops to just $5.99 per month after Netflix’s price hikes | US Justice department hits Huawei | ]More stories pointing to Apple gaming service | Should Guru try Hulu and can you search Hulu without an account | Ford’s RoButt | Microsoft CEO signals Cortana, Windows 10 mobile dead suggest users switch to Android or iPhone | Amazon getting Alexa into other products | JSU Rec Center Opens | CNBC reports Disney lost 1 billion on streaming investments | Disney’s collection is large, really large | Verizon settles dispute with Remind | Fiber cable cut causes outage on island | NASA disaster 33 years ago | AT$T laying off legacy positions | Head injury rates point to not wearing helmets on scooters | US House committee scheduled to hold hearings with T-Mobile & Sprint merger | Android patent to hide hole punch camera | New devices from Apple | Foxconn looking to India to build Apple devices | Woman gets stuck in NYC elevator for three days | Bruce’s security tip on filing your taxes | Plus much more.