161 – March 4, 2019

Show notes –  http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts161/

Michael, Bruce and The Guru discuss France to discuss 5% Digital Tax | Shut off the internet | Amazon HQ2 opposition emboldened in Virginia after NYC exit | SpaceX DM-1 LaunchRelated story | Amazon Day | Tesla Y its the end of s3xy | Vizio TV announces class action settlement | FB takes you personal cell number for more than 2 factor | Update story on Huawei’s CFO | Huawei may sue the US government | Tesla has OSHA violation says leaks |  Redzone weather interview EP 41 | Volvo is limiting their speed | 4k displays going for $279 Monoprice.com | Transportation as a service | Study cites multi-function printers as some of the most dangerous members of the IoT family | Sketchy Rumor Pegs March 29 as AirPods 2 Release Date | Samsung Shopping Foldable Display to Apple and Google | Tim Cook to Investors: Apple is Working on Future Products That Will ‘Blow You away’ | Apple buys patent trove from lighthouse | Piech Automotive all electric GT | Wearable news, Plus much more.