162 – March 11, 2019

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts162/

Michael, Bruce and The Guru discuss Elizabeth Warren wants to break up big Tech Even Big Apple too | Successful SpaceX Dragon dock makes successful return | Tesla to close some stores and raise prices | TrackMan to debut in April | Alabama Gas Tax Adds Fees for electric and plug in hybrids | Tim Apple not | The 25th is the date | Daylight savings time | NCAA March Madness3D content | A short history from mail order to online order | Cashless store ban in the city of brotherly love | Amazon closing Pop-Up stores | The US had nothing to do with it says Pompeo | FB cracking down on Anti-Vax movement | Bruce finally arrives | The Viper 9001 v2 | Bruce gives an education on our electric bill | Update your Chrome Web Browser | MongoDB has another issue | Open source | Michael’s words of wisdom for noise cancellation headsets | Cubical environment | What to expect in next iPhone | Kuo: Apple’s AR Glasses to Launch in 2020 as iPhone Accessory | Apple Watch Bands Begin Selling Out | Apple’s next iPad will reportedly keep Touch ID and a headphone jack | Report claims that Apple could begin production of iPhone-powered AR glasses this year |  Apple Airplay 2 | Would Michael take a Galaxy phone? | Samsung to preinstall Spotify | Plus much more.