171 – July 2, 2019

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts171/

Michael, Bruce, and The Guru discuss Turns out to be nothing at Facebook | Google changes Google Play Store policy | Netflix has new series out on July 4th | Are most originals on Netflix dark? | Cloudflare was down today | | New Graphics cards | ICANN eliminating the caps on .org and .info | What sites are available in a given domain? | Update story on 15″ MacBook Pro issues | Education on Subdomains | FAA discovers new risk on 737 MAX | A claim developers were paid 9 bucks and hour by Boeing | Netflix.soy .pub .Live all available | Sprint and T-Mobile merger close to approval | Related:Could the deal with Dish Network save the merger? | German authorities are making Facebook pay pennies on the dollar fine | NASA restores Apollo Mission control for 50th anniversary | Original tapes of Apollo moon landing being sold at auction | Samsung’s CEO says our folding phone is embarrassing | Will there be a successful foldable smartphone? | Are you an app eccentric person? | Tablet like devices used in industries | Equifax Exec sentence in insider trading | EV’s will be required to make a noise in the UK | Tesla reports good delivery numbers | Customer has his own router but is charges as though he rents one | “Our new products will blow you away” | Jony Ive out at Apple…. but Why? | Apple may launch a new iPhone for the China market | A lead CPU Architect hired by Apple…. suggest what? | A tiny house shipped free if purchased from Amazon | Linux now has surpassed windows on Azure servers | IT Director gets ax after ransomware payout | Google gets tax break from a suburb of Phoenix | Plus a few more things.