173 – July 23, 2019

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts173/

Michael, Bruce and The Guru discuss Bruce getting strange text | Armstrong’s family wins suit against Hospital | Equifax close to $700 million deal for settlement | $700 million fine | AGO of Alabama statement PDF | FTC statement | 10K Apple Watch no future updates | Sirius XM streaming service | GTA offers in game gambling | Origin PC | Anonymous Data, may not be | The Study | UPS Drone delivery | UPS picks up more drop off points | A new PM in the UK wants Fiber everywhere | Netflix takes a dive in value | Apple Watch With MicroLED Display | Possible 120Hz ‘ProMotion’ Displays | Apple may buy Intel modem chip company | Would Joni Ive create a design for a Surface device? | A local eatery is coming soon | Plus much more