185 – February 11, 2020

Show notes – http://heytechiesshow.com/shows/hts185/

Michael and The Guru disscus Being back on the air | Guru watched Star Trek Picard | Guru’s other streaming service.. Curiosity stream. Hulu Plus | What set top box for non Smart TV? | Will set top box be around when all TV’s are Smart | Maxing out a Mac Pro | Apple takes it on the chin from Virus delays | Foxconn trying to restart | SpaceX SmallSat program Fisherman catches more than fish | Voyager 2 back online 11.5 Billion miles away | The Galaxy Z Flip | Testing the foldable phone | Guru picked up a hobby | Streaming service survey | Guru’s local news | T-Mobile, Sprint merger | Dish will need to have a good strategy¬† | J. D.Powers survey of Wireless Carriers | Apple fined for slowing phones in 2018 | 100x zoom? | Low Cost iPhone | FTC to examine Big Tech over purchases | NYC says no to cashless | NASA X59 | Emojis on license plates | Starliner software glitches | Who has the best Bar B Q by state | Plus much more.