Change Quick Chat Voice On PUBG Mobile

Gaming has spread its domain globally, and people crave new graphics, features, and dynamism in games every day. They want frequent upgrades and smooth control for enhancing their gaming experience.

With the advent of PUBG gaming, especially for Smartphones, a new dimension was added to gaming. This game needs no further introduction, as every person in almost every country plays this majestic game to hone their gaming skills and feel like a Pro on the battlefield. PUBG Mobile gaming has been the top game on mobile gaming apps and has not failed to endear to the public.

Chat Voice feature sends automated messages for players, like “I need supplies,” “Enemies ahead,” “Gather around,” “Bring up Voice Chat,” and many more. These messages help the players to convey specific ideas. They help the players to strategize while playing when they are running out of time. 

These messages are available in the English language, but you can customize them in other languages, too, like Japanese and Korean. You might have thought to change quick chat voice on PUBG Mobile to try new languages. 

Want to know how? Read the entire article to have an insight.

However, it is important to note that you cannot change voice in the “Voice Chat” option. You can change voice in the “Quick Chat” option because the chats are pre-defined for your convenience while playing with a squad or a team.

Change Quick Chat Voice On PUBG Mobile

Install ZArchiver Application

This app will let you download quick voice chat files in different languages. 


Download ZArchiver

2. Now, you will have to download the files of languages you want the Quick Chat Voice feature to function. These files are available in different languages, and you can download them from the links given below:

  • Japanese Female Voice (With Chat Wheel)
  • Japanese Female Voice (Without Chat Wheel)
  • Japanese Male Voice (With Chat Wheel)
  • Japanese Male Voice (Without Chat Wheel)
  • Korean Voice
  • Loli Voice (Old Version)
  • Loli 2.0 Voice (New Version)
  • Baby Santa Voice

3. After downloading the files, you will have to open the ZArchiver app. You will find a folder named “Active.sav.” This folder will be containing all of your files.

4. Copy the desired file and do not exit the app. You will find the home page of the app.

5. Open the destination folder, where the files are to be pasted.

In this case, SaveGames is the destination folder.

Android > Data > com.tencent.ig > Files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > SaveGames

6. Once you open the folder, you will have to paste the file. A pop-up will appear asking you permission to replace files. Tap on “Replace” to proceed.

7. Open PUBG on your phone to see the changes. Now, the language on your Quick Chat Voice will be changed. If you have pasted the file for Japanese, then the audio will be played in the Japanese language. The same will follow for all the other languages.

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That’s it. You have learned how to change quick chat voice on PUBG Mobile, and you can do it easily and do not require any special skills for that. These settings will enable you to flaunt your tech-savviness among your teammates while playing PUBG on your phone. You can paste only one file at a time because PUBG will not allow you to enable the Quick Chat Voice option in different languages simultaneously. Once you learn how to change quick voice chat options and have the desired files, you are good to go.

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