How to Install and Run Backtrack on Windows

Backtracking is a way that can potentially help in diagnosing system errors and technical issues on your computer. It is easy to install and run backtrack on Windows, and you will soon learn how to backtrack your computer.

To install and run backtrack on your PC, read the entire article to know what backtracking means and the proper procedure for the same.

What does Backtrack mean?

How to Install and Run Backtrack on Windows

It is simple to run and install backtrack. You can use the following methods to run backtrack on your PC:

  1. Using VMware
  2. Using VirtualBox
  3. Using ISO (Image File)

Method 1: Using VMware

file and create a virtual machine.

2. Now, click on the “Typical” option to continue.

3. Then, choose the installer image file as given below:

4. You have to select the Guest Operating System now. Click on the button near the “Linux” option and select Ubuntu from the Dropdown menu.

5. In the next window, name the Virtual machine and choose the location as shown:

6. Now, validate the Disk capacity. (20GB is recommended)

7. Click on the “Finish” option. Wait till you enter the boot screen.

8. Select the appropriate option when the new window appears, as shown below:

9. Type startx to obtain GUI, then press Enter.

10. From the app menu, select “Backtrack” to see the installed security tools.

11. Now, you have all the tools ready at your disposal.

12. Click on the “Install Backtrack” option from the top-left of the screen to make it run.

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Method 2: Install Backtrack on Windows Using Virtual Box

1. Start the Virtual Box and click on the New option in the toolbar to start new a virtual machine, as shown below:

2. Enter the name for a new virtual machine, then choose the type the OS and version as shown below:

3. Note- Recommended choice of the version is between 512MB-800MB

4. Now, select the file of the Virtual Drive. Allocate the space from the disk for the Virtual machine. Click on the “Next” option, and a new virtual machine will be created.

5. Click on the radio button next to the option “Create a new Hard Disk,” and click on the “Create” option. Submit the Hard Drive File type. Click on the “Next” option below to validate.

6. Add an ISO or Image File of an OS. Click on the Settings Button. Select storage and end by clicking “Empty.” Select the disc icon and then choose options from the dropdown menu, as shown below:

7. Choose a Virtual CD or a DVD file and then open the location where your ISO or the Image File is secured. After browsing the ISO or image file, click on “OK,” and then end the step by clicking on the Start button.

8. After clicking on Start, the virtual machine will boot up. Click the Enter button on your keyboard to proceed.

That’s it. You are done with the second method for installing and running backtrack on your Windows Pc. 

Method 3: Install & Run Backtrack Using ISO (Image File)

This method is an easy alternative to install and run Backtrack on Windows Pc. Just follow the given steps to proceed:

 If it is not installed, then download ISO tools from the given link:

Download Talkatone APK

2. Download the Backtrack ISO image file 

4. You will require a CD or DVD writer software and a compatible Drive.

5. Insert a Blank DVD into Disk Drive.

6. Use the Power ISO file to burn the Image File on Disk.

7. Install backtrack on your computer after rebooting it through DVD.

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So, these were some easy steps to install and run Backtrack on Windows on your PC. You can follow one of these methods to run the backtrack on your PC. A Backtrack is a useful tool developed by Linux for assessing security loopholes and security testing and breaching. You can also consider the new Kali Linux for the same purpose.

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