How to Install MX Player On Your PC?

It doesn’t matter if you are a movie junkie or a regular Android user, you must have heard about MX Player. For those of you who don’t know about MX player, it is a media player that lets you run all kinds of audios and videos for free. The types of videos MX player enables you to run also includes AMC 3. It also offers some self-published movies and videos these days, which makes it even more fun. 

How to Install MX Player On Your PC?

Due to so many features, MX player offers and how easy one finds to use it, many people also want MX player installed on their PC. But the bummer here is that the developing company of MX player has not yet developed an MX player for a PC. If you are someone who too wants to install an MX player on your PC, then this article is written just for you. Even if you have never thought about it, you must give it a try because MX player for windows can even do more wonders than your normal VLC player could. 

Top features of MX Player for PC

AC3 and AAC format . You can control the media player with the help of gestures, and it is the only app that supports codec for Android.

As discussed earlier, the MX player’s computer version is not yet released. So to install it on your PC, you need to take help from different tools such as emulator, remix OS. We have talked about them in detail in later parts of this article.

Although we already have a famous media player for PC that is the VLC media player, there are certainly more features and benefits that using MX player on your PC gives you. VLC media has been around for quite a long time now but has offered the least modifications while MX player has certainly more added benefits that give it an edge over VLC media player.

  • In MX player, you have a kids’ lock where you can lock the videos you want to keep out of kids range. 
  • MX Player has gestures controls, which gives you easy access to adjusting brightening and voice.
  • Its advanced hardware provides you with a better user interface.

So now, when we know about so many good features of MX player, let us in detail discussion about the ways to download and install MX player on your PC. 

Methods for downloading and installing MX player on PC:

Method (1) – Using Android Emulators.

APK file . MX Player APK file can be downloaded directly on your PC using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or you can download it on your phone and then transfer it to your PC. The file is safe and does not have any virus or unwanted cookies attached to it. 

Now, as we have talked about emulators so often, you must be wondering what an emulator is? An emulator is a tool that enables you to run android apps on your PC. Some of these emulators are free and can be easily downloaded or bought from a local nearby hardware store. 

Now there are various emulators out there in the market such as Bluestack, Memu, Non-player. Here we are going to talk about installing an MX player on your PC using Bluestack emulator. 

Follow the steps given below to install an MX player on your PC using Bluestack emulator.

Download and install bluestacks emulator on your PC. The procedure is simple and is the same as when you download any other file from the web browser and install it. 

Once you have successfully installed the emulator, open it, and in the Home tab, go to the App Centre.

In the app center, you need to search for the MX player APK file you downloaded earlier and directly install it from here. 

Accept all the permissions, and just like installing an app on the Android, install it on your PC. 

Et Voila! Your PC is now ready to browse videos with your latest MX player media player. We preferred Bluestack emulator over any other emulator because, in any other emulator, you would have to sideload the MX player APK file.

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Method (2) – Using Remix OS

This is quite a lengthy and complicated procedure compared to installing an MX player using emulators. Although there is an added advantage of installing your MX player using Remix OS and it is that Remix OS enhances all the apps on your PC to work at their maximum capability. Just like emulators, for installing MX player using Remix OS too, you will first need to download the MX player APK file as discussed in method 1.

We hope this article was useful for you and has helped you enhance your movie-watching experience on your PC using an MX player.

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