Talkatone: Best Android App for Free Calls And Messages

There was a time when people used to have to pay large phone bills. All kinds of phone calls would cost users a lot of money. Thus, people used to have to be very careful with how many calls they made or how many messages they sent. With the advent of Jio Communications, things changed for Indian telecommunications. Jio Communications made waves with its decision to provide unlimited calls and high-speed internet at a low price.

Once Jio changed the market, every other telecom operator followed suit. Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. all had to change their pricing strategy. All of a sudden, telecom and internet services became highly affordable. Now people can make as many calls as they want and surf the internet for quite a long period of time without having to worry about really high bills.

But, there are still some restrictions. Telecom operators only offer unlimited calls to people who use the same telecom. They still get many minutes to call people on other telecom operators, but eventually, they can still run out. Moreover, international calls are still highly expensive for users. Thus, people might want to explore other options to get rid of this problem.

Talkatone: Best Android App for Free Calls And Messages

Talkatone APK: All Details

LLC . The application is also not very heavy for Android phones. It is because it is only 22 MB on the phone.


Talkatone has many great features that it offers to Android phone users. Users can easily enjoy high convenience and complete calls and messages without having too many problems. The following are all the great features in the Talkatone Android application:

  1. The application will provide a new and unique mobile number once a user downloads and registers on the Talkatone application. The app will give this new number for no charge. The user can then use this new number from Talkatone to make unlimited calls and send unlimited SMS messages for free.
  2. Users can make international calls without paying anything on the Talkatone application. It is one of the best features of the application as international calls generally cost a large amount. However, it is important to note that there is a major restriction on this feature. On the Talkatone application, users can only make free international calls to people in either the United States or Canada. It is not possible to make calls to any other country using the application. If they wish to be able to call people in any country, they will have to buy a premium subscription on the Talkatone application to unlock this feature.
  3. Users initially get a limited number of free calls that they can make using the Talkatone application. There is a lifetime supply of international calls to the United States and Canada upon signing up. However, once users exhaust their free calls, they do not necessarily have to pay more free calls. Talkatone offers a wide variety of surveys and bonus offers. Users can take the surveys and bonus offers to keep earning points on the application. They can then use these points to redeem free calls using the Talkatone application itself.
  4. SMS and MMS messages to their friends using the Talkatone app.
  5. If a user faces any significant problems, Talkatone offers 24*7 customer support to ensure that its users do not have to face any problems and offer them the highest level of convenience.
  6. Even though users get a new number when they first register on Talkatone, the app gives them an option to change their phone number once by going to settings and selecting “Burn Now.” It will give the users a new phone number to use on Talkatone. Thus, this makes it very easy to use this app as a burner phone or even make prank calls to your friends all over the world. 

Phone Requirements

  1. APK version, they may end up downloading an older version which will not work on their device. Thus, they must ensure that they only download the latest update from the developers.
  2. Users must also ensure that after they download the app, they keep using the surveys and bonus offers in the app to get points. If they do not get points, they will be unable to make free calls after they exhaust their initial limit.
  3. Since Talkatone does not use a cellular network, it has to make calls over WiFi. If there is weak or no internet connectivity, Talkatone will not work properly. Thus, a good internet connection is a major requirement.

application on the Google Play Store, so it is convenient for them to install the application on their phone. 

Download Talkatone

Moreover, if users do not want to download this application using the Google Play Store, they can also download it as an APK using the following link: 

Download Talkatone APK

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There are many great applications and games on the Google Play Store. These apps usually fulfill any needs of users. Talkatone fulfills the need of users looking to make free calls and messages for no cost whatsoever. Many applications claim to provide free calling and messages, but Talkatone is arguably the application with the best interface and the best features.

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