Top 15 Grammar Apps for Android

Top 15 Grammar Apps for Android

1. English Grammar in Use

Raymond Murphy, a grammar teacher, developed English Grammar in Use, which is a grammar app. It is adapted from a bestselling book that has the same name. The app contains a range of grammatical learning activities and lessons. , 145 topics of grammar are covered in it. However, not all are available in the free edition. The rest can be purchased through in-app purchases. It is included amongst the most pricey grammar apps. Yet it’s certainly worth it because of its author. Some bug complaints are made concerning the app. Most of the people, though, appear to enjoy it.

Download English Grammer in Use

2. English Grammar Test

English Grammar Test is one more good app for learning English grammar that relies on testing to fine-tune your grammar abilities. The greatest feature of the English Grammar Test is that it encompasses over 1,200 tests through which your grammar skills can be improved. Not only this, but the English Grammar Test enables users to keep a record of their performance and improvement. 

Download English Grammer Test

3. Grammarly Keyboard

This is one of the newest free applications for grammar. It is similar to Gboard or SwiftKey as it is in a keyboard format. It comes with features such as auto-correct. Your grammar is also corrected as you type. Punctuation marks, verb form, misspellings, missing words, etc. are recommended where needed. This is a comparatively new method. A few features are missing, like typing gestures, and it has bugs too. Over time, though, the problems are expected to be fixed. When you write, the keyboard is free and has no advertising or in-app purchases. That may change subsequently.

Download Grammer Keyboard

4. Learn English Grammar by British Council

The British Council is a respected name in terms of learning the English language. This app is a free English grammar app for Android users, which is designed to refine your accuracy in grammar and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn English.

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It is divided into 25 parts and has more than 600 grammar-related activities and more than 1,000 practical questions. Its unique activities enable you to learn important concepts and remember them. It also has instructive pictures and files for assistance at hand to speakers of other languages in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, etc. You can go for American English grammar or British English grammar with available with the UK version.

If you’re a committed student who likes to solve a lot of problems and exams, then this is the app for you.

Download Learn English Grammer (UK Edition)

5. Basic English Grammar

UI . With a translator, this one also supports over 100 languages. Because of that, you can see the meaning of words. This is very helpful for the ones for whom English is a foreign language. With advertising, the application is free of cost.

Download Basic English Grammer

6. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

More than 250 principles of grammar and punctuation, are described in Oxford Grammar and Punctuation as the app’s name implies. In reality, this app is the best and most impressive Android app one can utilize for learning grammar. The application provides a great variety of illustrations of grammar, with extra lessons contributing to improved understanding.

Download Oxford Grammer And Punctuation

7. Udemy

Udemy is a good application for online learning. It encompasses all sorts of subjects, from cooking to technology, language, health, and all sorts of other things. That includes lessons on grammar. You are buying a book, watching the videos, and hopefully learning several things. They’ve got a number of videos for grammar, English, writing and so on. The length, quality, and price of the videos vary. Individual course reviews will be needed to read to look for the right ones. Along with some courses, the app is free. However, most of the classes are paid.  

Download Udemy

8. YouTube

YouTube is indeed an amazing site and an outstanding tool, which involves items such as grammar, punctuation, English, and other similar things. Academic channels with video content that concentrate on stuff such as proper English, verbal communication, composing, and tutorials in grammar. Contrasted with other categories, they are just a little hard to find, but they are there. Khan Academy has 118 grammar YouTube videos, although they are usually known for their mathematics and science-related lectures. Although YouTube is free, you can pay $9.99 a month for YouTube Premium, which unlocks some additional features.

Download YouTube


Talk English’s, English Grammar Book is one of the best available apps for anybody who has just started to learn English. The best thing with Talk English’s English Grammar Book is that it provides a pre-defined course plan throughout the app. And as one gains points and progresses in the game, English speaking skills are to get enhanced. So, this is another nice app on Android to learn grammar.

Download English Grammer Book By Talk English


English Grammar Book is among the finest and the longest-running grammar android app that you really can use currently. The best part about English Grammar Book would be that it encompasses more than 150 grammatical sections that greatly help. In addition to all these, the English Grammar book provides some descriptions, exemplars, and important points for enhancing one’s grammatical skills. 

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Duolingo is one of the most effective grammar apps out there. Duolingo is basically an application that one could use to improve the ability to talk, read, listen, and write. Speaking of grammar, the software would also definitely help you develop your grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and you can immediately start studying verbs, phrases, sentences. So, this is one of the best English grammar apps that you should be having on Android. 

Download Duolingo


Grammaropolis is indeed a grammar game aimed at helping users learn grammar. The game demands players to move a map where users are required to complete activities aimed at teaching and assessing their linguistic competence. Hence, if you’re looking for a good way to enhance one’s linguistic skills, Grammaropolis could be your best possible choice.  

13. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dictionary applications are sort of a basic thing for studying the English language. They’ll show you definitions of words, the kind of word, pronunciations, and illustrations. There are also vocabulary riddles, a voice search, a thesaurus, audio pronunciations, and much more. All the functionalities noted above are included in the free edited. The premium plan, meanwhile, has additional topical meanings (correct nouns, foreign terms), a full 200,000-word thesaurus, and no ads. No dictionary apps can be better than this.

Download Merriam Webster Dictionary

14. Grammar Up Lite

Grammar Up lite, as the name suggests, is designed for people who want a compact Android app to enhance their grammatical skills. The greatest part about Grammar Up Lite is that it depicts your grammatical strengths and weaknesses using charts. Not only that, but the application also users the region they have to focus on to enhance their expertise in English and Grammar.

Download Grammer Up Lite

15. Improve English

Phrasal Verbs , etc. can be found on it too.

Download Improve English

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It is one thing to find a good app to learn English and install it, but it’s a different thing to work on daily. This list presented to you is a list of the Top 15 Grammar Apps for Android. By using these apps, you can learn English by learning something new every day and then using it in your day to day life. English is easy to learn, but you can become fluent in it only if you practice. 

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